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Certified Game Team Builder

What is the Certified Game Team Builder Program?

We present a comprehensive training program, incorporating theoretical frameworks and hands-on workshops around team building for teachers and trainers. The course is delivered by a group of industry and education eminent professionals. No prior knowledge is required. The training program covers both theoretical and applied aspects of the fields of team building and group dynamics

Who is this training for?
  • Facilitators and team builders who aim to effectively use play as a tool for their sessions

  • Professionals who work on experiential teaching frameworks

  • Novice practitioners in the field of team building

  • Experienced professionals who want to enrich their delivery, continuously search for new material on the field of team building or have questions based on their own experiences and daily practice

  • Facilitators, teachers from kindergarten to lifelong learning, musicians, training managers, instructional designers, art therapists, actors and HR managers

What will you learn?

The CGBT training course will give you a sound understanding of team building and group dynamics principles and practices in order that you can:


• Organize your own team building sessions

• Use and integrate the Game Team Building methodology at schools and national or private education contexts

• Participate actively as a Team Builder for corporate and educational sessions

• Deliver successful training sessions, with other teachers and trainers

• Integrate parents in the Team Building process by running Game Team Building sessions with them

• Explain and sell the Game Team Builder methodology to other key stakeholders

• Define and use the full range of Game Team Building tools

• Set-up and facilitate Game Team Building sessions

• Understand how to employ Game Team Building in real world circumstances, such as Human Resources teams, schools, universities, NGOs

• Understand how to adapt Game Team Building methodologies in your current process

What is offered?
  •  10 hours of experiential learning sessions, run by trainers and facilitators with over ten years of experience in the field of education, human resources and consulting

  • A booklet with all games and activities of the training program

  • The Game Team Builder Certification

  • Special discount for other training programs run by Game Team Builders

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